SSM admits Health Code bumps amid system maintenance

System maintenance on the Macau Health Code platform was conducted yesterday morning, the Health Bureau (SSM) told the Times.
Concerned that the system was facing another wave of cyber attacks, a reader told the Times about the suspension in the system’s operation. The reader was attempting to obtain a Macau Health Code in order to run through certain procedures at a local hotel.
When questioned about the situation, the bureau admitted that there was system maintenance and a technical adjustment yesterday afternoon.
Several cyberattacks to the SSM computer system were recorded last Friday and Saturday.
The attacks caused several disruptions to the system – namely “affecting the normal operations of the health code system, the booking systems for vaccination against Covid-19, and the nucleic acid tests (NAT).”
The bureau noted that besides users facing difficulties in accessing the system, there were no other complications on SSM’s operations reported. AL

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