SSM launches denture program for elderly

The Health Bureau (SSM) has introduced the Elderly Denture Pilot Scheme to provide elderly people in need with dentures. The first phase of the program will be introduced to elderly people aged 80 years and above. Later, the program will be expanded to elderly people aged 65 years and above. The SSM will call elderly residents who are aged 80 or above and are receiving financial assistance. If they consent, the SSM will ensure they receive an initial assessment at Conde S. Januário Hospital. Once they meet the conditions, they will be referred to non-profit medical organizations, which are in collaboration with SSM, for a check-up and to install active dentures.

Costa roadworks to continue until August 30

Roadworks at Conselheiro Ferreira de Almeida along the direction towards Avenida Horta e Costa began yesterday. The road works will last until August 30. During the construction, the road will be subject to limited traffic: vehicles with a length of more than 8 meters are prohibited from turning left to the direction of the Red Market. Buses on 7 routes are to detour via the Av. do Cel. Mesquita and Av. de Sidónio Pais in order to access Costa. Yesterday’s first day of construction caused traffic jams in the area.

Qingmao footbridge construction to start in Q4

The footbridge at Qingmao port will see its construction start in the fourth quarter of this year, according to the Infrastructure Development Office (GDI). Yesterday, the GDI opened bidding for the contract of the footbridge’s design and construction. The bridge connects Qingmao port immigration building (800 meters at southwest of the current Border Gate), former automobile inspection center, the nursery of the former Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau, and Ilha Verde public housing, crossing over Avenida do Comendador Ho Yin. The construction is stipulated by regulation to have a maximum execution time of 430 days. Considering that the construction site is the main road and the traffic volume is large, the GDI will discuss formulating temporary traffic arrangements with the Transport Bureau (DSAT) in order to reduce the impact of the works on the surrounding roads.

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