SSM says masks not needed all the time

The public do not need to wear masks all the time, the Health Bureau (SSM) has stressed in a public statement.

The statement was made amid an outbreak of a new type of coronavirus in the mainland city of Wuhan this month, which has local authorities adopting precautionary measures to prevent its spread to Macau.

Despite their purpose as an effective disease prevention apparatus, masks are not needed in all cases, the SSM said. Wearing a mask is recommended when visiting medical facilities or institutions and in circumstances where the mask-wearer has respiratory symptoms, or a fever.

Otherwise, wearing a mask is not essential.

The health authority also reminded the public to maintain good hygiene by washing their hands, keeping indoor areas well-ventilated and refraining from touching their eyes, noses and mouths when in contact with other people.

The statement comes after the SSM sought to dispel rumors suggesting that there was a shortage of masks in some local pharmacies. The health supervisor confirmed the availability of masks at the vast majority of the city’s 294 pharmacies.

It also stressed that the supply of masks should be sufficient for the city’s population. AL

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