Taste of Edesia

Star Chefs Discovery Journey

This week, MGM joins hands with sister group in mainland China, Diaoyutai MGM Hospitality to present the third “Star Chefs Discovery Journey” gastronomic event in Macau. A lineup of seven chefs from the two brands were invited to flaunt their culinary artistry across several cities, including masters of Chengdu, Shanghai, and Sanya. Together they integrated characteristics from their regional cuisines with art, creating a sensational extravaganza that celebrates both traditions and innovations.

The extraordinary dinner took place in The Mansion of MGM Cotai, an ultra exclusive resort within a resort available only to the most privileged guests. Inside the Moorish-inspired architectural style conservatory, an assimilation of both Portuguese and North African cultures, lush greenery, sparkling fountains, and immaculate landscape led to an escape into a magical world, a scene that echoes historical gems in Macau, enabling guest to truly immerse into the allure of East-meets-West culture. The seven chefs tailor-made a 10 course dinner. Each dish was designed and created into a piece of exquisite edible art that integrated the tradition and specialities of different regional Chinese cuisine, showcasing the diversity of Chinese culture.

With over three decades of experience, Chef Tam Yim Chan, Executive Sous Chef helming Chún at MGM Cotai, is best known for his creation injected with “Wok Chi (wok energy),” the essence of Cantonese cuisine. During the event, he came up with Pan-fried Fish Maw with Convoy, Bean Sprout and Egg, a hand-crafted dish with a contemporary twist. Best demonstrating his impeccable skill, Chef Tam quickly stirs fried egg and fish maw on the sizzling wok to fuse the heavenly aroma of both worlds, giving the dish a piquant yet delicate taste to savour.

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