Starting salary of university graduates expected to fall to MOP10,000


The Macau Human Resources Association believes that university students set to graduate this year will have a lower starting monthly salary than those in previous years.
President of the association, Choi Chin Man, voiced his expectations during yesterday’s TDM radio program.
On June 27, the Statistics and Census Service reported that the general unemployment rate for March to May this year had risen to 2.4% and that the unemployment rate of local residents was 3.4%.
Choi said that Macau companies are being more cautious with recruitment, as many corporations are considering this year’s overall economic situation before hiring new employees.
This year, it is estimated that 9,000 university students will graduate in Macau. Of these students, 51% will graduate from Macau universities, 18% are studying in Taiwan, 16% are in mainland higher education institutions, and the remainder are enrolled in schools in other regions or countries.
Choi urged university graduates to understand Macau’s current employment environment.
Last year, university graduates’ starting salaries were between 15,000 and 16,000 patacas, according to Choi. He estimates that, this year, first-time job seekers may be offered monthly salaries of 10,000 patacas or even less.
The president of Macao New Chinese Youth Association, surnamed Ieong, also commented that graduates will find it difficult to secure jobs in tourism and gaming-related industries. However, those studying science, technology and engineering will probably have fewer problems finding employment.
According to the official data, the number of unemployed people has increased to 9,700 in the latest reporting period between March and May.
Among the unemployed population searching for a new job, most were previously engaged in the retail sector and in gaming and junket activities.
Meanwhile, the number of underemployed individuals increased by 2,300 to 10,600, with the majority working in gaming and junket activities, the construction sector and the retail sector.

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