Suncity offers voluntary resignation scheme

Local junket operator Suncity Group has announced that it is offering a voluntary resignation scheme to encourage its employees to “reshape” their life plans.
The scheme, officially known as “Personal Career Reshaping Plan,” was announced by the group’s chief operating officer and director, Alvin Chau, as a “letter to team members.”
In the letter, Chau stressed that the Covid-19 pandemic has brought tough challenges worldwide, with significant impacts seen in all walks of life. Chau acknowledged that “the company is not excluded, facing severe effects on its revenue and performance.”
“In order to achieve sustainable development, existing strategies must be changed, organizational structure improved and core business retained, as moves to cope with transformation of market environment,” the group CEO wrote.
He explained that those were the grounds on which the voluntary resignation scheme was built.
The content of the scheme runs in several directions, with “plan-exclusive rewards and benefits.” Some of them target employees aged 60 years or above. If these employees sign up for the plan, they may enjoy extra subsidies, a full amount of employer investment of provident funds received and medical insurance validity extended.
Catering to all employees, there is career planning support service, among other parts.
The executive stressed that participation in the plan is completely voluntary but he hoped that employees will “actively consider signing up.” He noted that the scheme can help employees to make good use of their time amid the pandemic to enrich their body and mind as well as to reform their career plans.
Gambling concessionaire Galaxy Entertainment Group (GEG) has also offered its employees a similar voluntary resignation program in response to, according to the group, the economic downturn brought along by the Covid-19 pandemic.
GEG employees had the choice between internal transfer or voluntary resignation with a one-off ex-gratia payment of MOP380,000.

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