Super typhoon heading to Macau, signal 10 hoisted

Super Typhoon is heading to Macau and the surrounding areas of Zhuhai, according to the the latest Weather Department (SSM) reports.

Typhoon Mangkhut devastated areas in its passage in northern Philippines, with 14 deaths confirmed.

Forecasts indicated that the super typhoon will affect Macau in its maximum force at around midday today (Sunday), Macau time.

Signal 10 was hoisted minutes ago, at 11am.

Authorities alert people to take precautions and stay indoors, especially in lower parts of the region, where floods are expected.

Signal 8 was hoisted at 2am (Sunday) and signal 9 at 9am.

At 10am, 938 people have sought shelter at 16 centers of the Social Affairs Bureau.

According to SMG, the storm started to affect weather conditions in Macau with strong winds by 5am today (Sunday).

Winds may reach 180 km/h in the coming hours.

All the ferry connections from Macau were suspended this morning, and the bridges were closed. The only Macau-Taipa connection available is the Sai Van bridge tunnel.

[Updated at 11:25am, Sunday]
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