Survivor of car crash in Australia out of life-threatening condition

The Tourism Crisis Management Office (GGCT) has announced that the third victim of the road accident in Perth, Australia, that killed two other Macau residents is currently in a “stable and out of a life-threatening condition.”
In a written reply to the Times, the GGCT said that it is “closely following the development of the serious road accident in Perth and has been in permanent contact with the Commissioner of the People’s Republic of China Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Macau,” to provide information and updates on the case.
The office noted also that family members of the deceased victims have already contacted the GGCT, calling for information and assistance on the case. “GGCT is in coordination and in permanent contact with the family members to provide all the assistance possible,” the Office noted.
As the Times reported yesterday, a team from the Chinese Consulate-General in Perth was deployed to work on the case and according to GGCT, this team has already contacted the relatives of all the victims and they have also visited the third victim, who is hospitalized and recovering from the accident.
The accident occurred on Monday around 2 p.m. local time on Indian Ocean Drive, a stretch of road 190 kilometers north of Perth, at the turn-off to the Pinnacles rock formations, a tourist attraction.
The car in which the three Macau residents were traveling collided with a bus while attempting to turn onto a highway.
The impact speed caused the car to roll before coming to rest on its roof, killing two of the passengers and leaving a third injured.
According to Chinese news agency Xinhua, the driver of the car died at the scene while a rescue Helicopter conveyed two passengers to the Royal Perth Hospital.
Later that day, a police report informed that one of the passengers transported to the hospital had also died as a consequence of the severe injuries suffered.
As reported, some of the 34 occupants of the bus were also treated at the scene for shock and minor injuries.

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