Suspect of sex offence against minor put in custody

A man suspected of repeat sex offences has been ordered by the court to be taken into preventive custody in the wake of “vile details and the fact that [the suspect] has been involved in a previous, similar crime,” the Public Prosecutions Office (MP) revealed in a statement.
The pronouncement of the preventive measure was made by the Court of Criminal Procedure, a pre-trail level court in Macau.
It was previously revealed that the suspect, a 25-year-old local resident who reportedly works in the delivery industry, was convicted and imprisoned with probation in 2012 for committing a sex offence on an individual under the age of consent, which is 14 in Macau.
Meanwhile, on May 19 this year, the man met with the underage victim whom he had known for three days. Afterwards, he brought the girl to his old residence where he reportedly raped her.
According to the Penal Code, an individual who commits sexual assault against an underage person is punishable by an imprisonment of between three and 10 years. The MP added that the similar crime on the man’s criminal record will be taken into account when a court evaluates his sentence, should he be found guilty. AL

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