Suspected 17th child of Stanley Ho identified

A man named Ho Yau Pong has been listed as Stanley Ho’s son in his official newspaper obituary, published yesterday. This relative of Stanley has previously been unknown to the public.
It has long been rumored that Stanley Ho had a 17th child named Ho Yau Kai. Sabrina Ho, the daughter of Stanley Ho and Angela Leong, once denied it when asked to verify the rumor.
Following the obituary, Leong, Stanley Ho’s fourth consort, issued a statement “for the first and the only time” to explain the matter.
In the statement, she revealed, “Ho Yau Pong has never been introduced to the public because of health concerns.”
“As is tradition, his name will be inscribed on the tombstone of his late father,” she added in the statement.
She stressed that Ho Yau Pong “has never been a secret to the family. He would join family excursions and birthday parties.”
“In a family like this, it is challenging to be an [ordinary person], but as a mother I still want [Ho Yau Pong] to feel that the world is safe and nice,” she added. “He is destined to be protected and undisturbed.”
Stanley Ho’s funeral will be held on July 9 in Hong Kong. A public mourning session will be arranged with details to be announced later. The title for late Stanley Ho in the obituary is Member of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, Great Lotus and Great Bauhinia Laureate. AL

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