Taiwan commentator | ‘GBA means disappearance of SARs’ subjectivity’

Taiwan independent commentator Ze-Yuan Chiu said that the introduction of the Greater Bay Area (GBA) entails the “disappearance of Hong Kong’s and Macau’s subjectivity,” referring to the unique identities and autonomy the two Special Administrative Regions enjoy.

In his recent column, Chiu complimented the concept of the GBA for  strengthening the economy in the Pearl River Delta.

Nevertheless, the Taiwanese commentator expressed his opinion regarding the potential loss of Hong Kong and Macau’s subjectivity.

“This is undoubtedly an important milestone in China’s regional economic integration process. Will the relevant political and ideological freedoms and universal suffrage rights of Hong Kong and Macau also be integrated into the melting pot that is Greater China?” Chiu questioned.

Chiu further depicted the GBA plan as a hidden metaphor for ‘One country, Two systems.’

“One country, Two systems’ actually guarantees the subjectivity of Hong Kong and Macau. Nowadays, the concept of the GBA is to push Hong Kong and Macau from ‘One country, Two systems’ to ‘One China’. There will be no Hong Kong SAR, but Hong Kong city under the Greater Bay Area. The subjectivity of Hong Kong will be lost,” Chiu wrote.

“The subjectivity of Hong Kong’s connection with the international community will disappear. If, in the future, Hong Kong is under the GBA, will Hong Kong’s links with the outside world disappear, becoming controlled by Guangdong Province?” Chiu questioned.

“If Hong Kong must be under the GBA decree system in the future, such financial squeeze and freedom will disappear. The Pearl of the Orient will be light and dusty.”  JZ

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