Talents Committee to launch subsidies for postgrad programs in Portugal

The Talents Development Committee (CDT) will be launching three subsidy schemes in June. The schemes will provide monetary support to those aiming to enroll in postgraduate studies at Portuguese universities, the CDT informed in a statement.
There will be three different schemes, including the Scholarship Scheme for Master’s Degree Courses at the University of Coimbra, the Postgraduate Degree Course Scholarship Program from the Association of Principals of Portuguese-speaking Universities, and the Scholarship Scheme for Master’s Courses of the Institutions under the Portuguese Polytechnics Coordinating Council.
In the same statement, the CDT notes that the subsidy schemes are related to Macau’s goal to train bilingual professional staff who are proficient in both Chinese and Portuguese. The aim is to reinforce the positioning of Macau as a service platform for commercial cooperation between China and Portuguese-speaking countries.
The schemes are restricted to a total of 11 recipients, of which nine are for master’s programs and two for doctorate programs.
Among the master’s programs, preference will be given to studies in the fields of Portuguese language, finance, tourism, and IT.
Applicants must fulfill the requirements of being a permanent resident, currently attending a master’s or doctoral course at one of the 24 university institutions included in the program, and have been a student in Macau for at least three consecutive academic years at the secondary school or undergraduate level. The annual amount of the subsidy is 61,000 patacas for master’s degrees and 84,000 patacas for the doctoral programs, and will be granted for a maximum of three years.
Applications for any of these programs will be open from June 1 to 15. Interested parties can find the regulations for the individual schemes on the CDT website.

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