Taste of Edesia | Comfort food with a flair

There are many high quality cafés around Macau but very few of them provide an all-day breakfast menu filled with nutritious and delicious offerings.
Located just steps away from the lush Lou Lim Ieoc garden, Café Toff is not only an establishment famous for its breakfast choices, but it also provides one-of-a-kind dishes prepared without MSG.
Bottled noodle is a highlight on the menu. Made with top-quality chilled chicken, American onions, vegetables and other ingredients simmered slowly over the stove, the oil-filtered chicken broth for the bottled noodle is full of umami characteristics yet not greasy.
Nutritional retention is taken into full consideration during the boiling process.
The all-day breakfast is a main feature on the menu. Perfectly scrambled eggs can be paired with portobello mushroom, salad or other ingredients to make a sumptuous meal.
Whatever the choice of food is, guests will enjoy themselves in a space with high ceiling, comfortable and bright. Various types of distressed woods are used in the interior. In addition, oxidized metal, rough and casual cement walls complement artistic English calligraphy, forming a unique visual collage.

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