Taste of Edesia | Don Alfonso: Elegant simplicity

Don Alfonso 1890 is known for their delicious pizzas, pastas, and exquisitely simple seafood which reflects the gastronomic heritage of southern Italy. This autumn, the establishment is featuring a new lunch menu which offers dishes and ingredients that allow diners to discover more of the region’s delicacies.
For appetiser, fresh Burrata with grilled bell peppers, cherry tomatoes and Don Alfonso anchovies refreshes the palate with a creamy texture combined with umami characteristics of the sea. Japanese sea bream in “Acqua Pazza” style with garlic bruschetta is prepared with exceptional southern Italian cooking methods, which Restaurant Manager Jimmy Wong explains is truly one of its kind.
“In southern Italy they like to cook their fish with seawater, but we don’t use seawater here so the broth is cooked with clams and various elements to give it a rich seafood flavour. Ingredient such as Burrata cheese is getting increasingly popular with our guests and many now request it during dinner time also. One of the purposes of this new lunch menu is to enable everybody to explore new items that are not available in the a la carte menu, and so far the feedback has been very positive,” he explains.

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