Taste of Edesia | Evolution of masterpieces

The latest evolution of The Manor’s menu is here and it is indeed one of the most exciting selections of gastronomic masterpiece in town. Showcasing a range of exclusive ingredients and distinctive presentations under the tutelage of St. Regis Macao’s Executive Sous Chef, Michele Dell’Aquila, it introduces the highly sought after Okan Wagyu beef from Australia and George Bruck foie gras from France, as well as a new version of the much-loved Glacier 51 tooth fish from depths of the Indian Ocean. For the latest menu, Chef Michele’s idea is to highlight the distinct attributes of each ingredient By imparting each dish with a combination of local, eastern and western flavours.
“The finest dining experiences in the world are always founded on the highest quality ingredients, and the menu has been crafted around that principle, and I feel honoured to be able to share what is simply some of the best providence from the land and the sea,” he says.
Okan Australian Wagyu tenderloin is delicately seared to maximize the succulent texture and distinctive flavour, complemented with a buttery Jerusalem artichoke purée, earthy morels and the gentle bitterness of broccolini. Less common than conventional wagyu breeds and highly sought after, Okan Wagyu is sourced from the rolling green hills of southern Australia, and was recently awarded a gold medal in the Australian 2020 Wagyu Branded Beef Competition.
Next, a mouthwatering presentation of George Bruck foie gras, served with red berries for acidity and paired with the warm, nutty aromas of Japanese kinako, provides a umami sensation. Hailing from Strasbourg in eastern France, George Bruck foie gras is cultured slowly to impart an intense, earthy flavour while maintaining a silky-smooth texture with an unmistakably indulgent mouthfeel.
Glacier 51 tooth fish sourced from the deep, icy waters of the Indian Ocean more than 4,000 kilometres from the Australian mainland remains a star on the menu. Completely re-envisioned, the Glacier 51 tooth fish is infused with subtle flavours, served on a ‘migas’ of Portuguese chouriço and squid ink, finished with a Champagne emulsion, providing a perfect balance to the wagyu-like buttery texture and mild ocean flavour of the fish.
Dessert is aptly titled Coffee. For this last creation, Chef Michele pays homage to his homeland and draws inspiration from the classic Italian tiramisu, combining indulgent mascarpone cream, caramelised almond and a Baileys foam with the sweet yet gently bitter flavour of rich coffee. Irene Sam, MDT

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