Taste of Edesia | Playful Take on Kaiseki

Wynn Guest Chef Series is one of the most exciting food and beverage programs that is happening in Macau right now, as celebrity chefs from all around the world join forces with the team of award-winning chefs at Wynn to curate captivating dishes.This time around, Shinichiro Takagi from the Michelin two-starred Zeniya in Kanasawa, Japan, showcases his artful presentation of Kaiseki cuisine.

A traditional Japanese cuisine, Kaiseki Ryori places great emphasis on achieving balance. In Japanese Zen culture, stone is seen as a concept for harmony and simplicity. It is a symbol of purity and concentration, two elements that are essential in meditation. In ancient times, Zen monks would put warm stones underneath their robes when they feel hungry after just having a simple meal served in the style of the Japanese tea ceremony.

Kaiseki 懐柯 literally means “a stone in the bosom.” Although this idea might indicate a sense of austerity, the modern day “bosom-stone” cuisine is nothing frugal. Known as an art form, it is an elegant, multi-course meal.

Profoundly influenced by the culinary culture of Ishikawa prefecture in Japan, Chef Takagi’s culinary masterpieces are sculpted with exacting standards, yet with an innovative and wonderfully creative flair.

Highlights on the menu include a tofu made out of sesame paste and deliciously acidic sauces characterized by the use of radish. “Everybody is using soy sauce in Japanese cuisine but I find it to be boring, so I use it only in the dessert,” he says proudly as he presents his brown sugar ice-cream. Irene Sam, MDT

Wellness | Revival of Indian Wisdom

Autumn is here and it is evident that the level of humidity in the air has gone down significantly. To keep our skin hydrated and supple, it is time to reach for those gentle cleansers, creams and moisturizers, but as there are numerous products in the market, how do we choose high-quality ones that benefit both our mind and body?

Vana Lifestyle, an organization which houses various brands ranging from skincare, apparel, multi brand and organic food, has come up with a skincare brand named Vanaveda that uses ingredients from nature to nurture our body and mind. Established by the same individuals who run the world-renowned Vana, a wellness retreat located in Dehradun, India, the brand created a range of shampoos, cleansers, moisturizers, oils and mists that showcase ancient wisdom of Ayurveda in its sophisticated formulations.

Developed 3,000 years ago in India, Ayurvedic medicine is one of the oldest holistic healing systems. It is based on the idea that every human being is unique and therefore we all have different body types. Vata, Pitta and Kapha are the three main categories, or “doshas,” of body types.

Each Vanaveda product contains essential oils and extracts from specific herbs that provide nutrients to the skin and enable the mind to reach a sense of balance as it is believed that plants have energy, or “prana” in Sanskrit, and are able to strengthen and enhance the wellbeing of a person.

For those with dry skin, the Vata Moisturizer helps in softening, nourishing and warming skin with tamarind and nutmeg, rose and ginger grass essential oils. While the moisturizer is slightly thicker than a lotion, the creamy consistency melts delightfully into the skin while the essential oils imparts a light, elegant aroma that lasts throughout the day.

A versatile Body Oil scented with essential oils of rose geranium and cypress on a base of peach kernel, jojoba, and rosehip oils can be applied on the body after shower or used as a massage oil, scalp conditioning oil or make up remover.

To unwind after a hectic day, the nidrā Linen Mist with lavender, holy basil and Himalayan cedar essential oils relieves anxiety and stress. Mist lightly on the bed or bath linen to create a sanctuary of relaxation that allows the mind to reach a state of equilibrium.

All products will be available soon at http://www.vanaveda.co.in and their instagram handle is @vanavedajourney

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