Taste Of Edesia | Raising the bar 

Imbued with a New York heritage synonymous with the St. Regis brand, St. Regis Bar is well known to spoil guests with specially crafted artisan cocktails and beverages, a menu of finely crafted culinary fare, in an elegant, yet contemporary setting inspired by the House of Astor. A unique jazz vibe, complete with live music as the sun sets every evening, creates an unmistakably exquisite setting elevated by impeccable service.
Designed by Hong Kong architect Steve Leung, the interior design is cozy, cutting edge, yet sophisticated. Rich timber, supple fabrics and the earthiness of stone combine with crystal highlights bathed in soft light to create an unmatched sense of luxury.
At the centre of the bar, the mural depicts a lush vision of the city, celebrating its history as a trading port under a rich golden sky. As a traditional symbol of eternity and youth in Chinese culture, a crane overlooks the growth of the city, with lotus flowers – a ubiquitous symbol of Macao – blooming in the water. A closer look at the verdant edges of the mural reveals the Barcelos Rooster, an armillary sphere, astrolabe and other navigational tools that pay homage to Macau’s Portuguese and British colonial influence.
On the menu, signature cocktails include Maria do Leste, an interpretation of the iconic Bloody Mary forged drawing inspiration from Macau’s unique east-meets-west culture. The Maria do Leste tantalises with intense flavours of chourizo from Portugal, pink peppercorn and limes from Brazil, piri piri from Africa, cinnamon and paprika from India, lobster and sea salt from the seas, black vinegar and black peppercorns from China, and lastly, the egg tart of Macau.
Offered to guests in virgin form, the Maria do Leste is served with a miniature bottle of premium vodka, a single-serve tabasco sauce bottle and a mélange of sea salt and crushed pink peppercorns. It’s a unique presentation that can only be found at The St. Regis Bar, giving the guest free rein to invent a classic cocktail to their discerning tastes. Another personalised experience can also be created with a selection of in-house infused gin and tonics served directly from the gin trolley, tailored to guests’ preferred taste.
For foodies, an array of small snacks, light meals, and more substantial fare on the dining menu would be the perfect accompaniment to an afternoon or evening. Fresh oysters from France, crisp Sicilian calamari, a Boston lobster slider, or a glittering 24K fried chicken with edible gold leaf are some lighter choices. For something more substantial, a dry-aged beef burger made with Rangers Valley beef direct from the Australian countryside, Boston lobster, fried baby calamari, and crispy potato fries would be more appropriate.
Seafood lovers could order the seafood platter, which features a whole Maine lobster and a half dozen of seasonal oysters. Vegetarians will be pleasantly surprised by the Impossible satay burger.  One-of-a-kind items are Asian-inspired beef char siu and Chilean sea bass in Sichuan pepper pot, presenting flavours that can only be found in Asia.
At the end of the bar experience or when one wishes to fully indulge without reluctance, intricately handcrafted desserts are readily available. The signature “Rose” overwhelms with a raspberry and mascarpone mousse, almond and lemon accents while “Forest Berries” thrills the senses with a five-spice sabayon and seven vanilla bean ice cream infused with rose. Irene Sam, MDT

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