TASTE OF EDESIA | Seasonal delicacies 

Offering an exquisite dining experience at Studio City, Pearl Dragon is a one-Michelin-starred Cantonese restaurant dedicated to culinary perfection. Showcasing refined provincial Chinese flavours, innovative creations and the finest delicacies to tempt the palate, Hong Kong-born Chef Otto Wong maintains respect for traditional Cantonese culinary methods while marrying contemporary and original techniques with seasonal ingredients to prepare delicious dishes adored by guests.
A recent “Premium Tasting Menu” by Chef Otto woos discerning diners with elements such as deep fried Alaskan king crab meat with green onions, barbecued honey glazed Iberico pork, tossed jelly fish with pomegranate and passion fruit sauce at the beginning of the culinary journey. Steamed grouper fillet with egg white and crab roe combines umami characteristics with delicate protein. Poached organic vegetable sprouts with razor clams in pumpkin superior broth is one-of-its-kind, complex and reflects the chef’s ability to combine dissimilar ingredients. Finally, double-boiled bird’s nest with peach resin and Japanese apple sweetens the conclusion of a gastronomic feast which is definitely worth a try.  Irene Sam, MDT

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