TASTE OF EDESIA | Sophistication in simplicity 

The Michelin two-starred Golden Flower at Wynn Macau is now reopened with one of the hottest new celebrity chefs in the world of Chinese cuisine- Executive Chef Henry Zhang Zhi Cheng. Presenting the timeless flavours of classic and contemporary Sichuan, Shandong and Northern Chinese cuisines in an elegant setting, Chef Cheng presents dishes that  are steeped in history and rich in cultural heritage. Ingenuity is at the heart of every dish he creates. Behind all of the love that he pours into the preparation of each dish, is passion and persistence. 

A master at deconstructing the simplest of ingredients to unearth a myriad of flavours, he has

already earned a reputation for crafting dishes that deeply touch the soul. Prior to joining Golden Flower, Chef Zhang opened a private kitchen within a courtyard house of an ancient hutong, where he created bold and innovative dishes. Soon after opening, the private kitchen quickly rose to become one of the hottest dining destinations in Beijing. Now at Golden Flower, Chef Zhang infuses his own cooking philosophy and innovative culinary concepts into each one of his masterful creations.

At Golden Flower, Chef Zhang introduces his own degustation menu where regional delicacies take centre stage. His specially crafted menu is designed to leave lasting memories of one’s dining experience and tells a story from the Prelude to the Welcome Tea, Caviar,

Beginning, Heritage, Soup, Abundance, Umami, Seasonal Vegetables, Bloom and the Finale.

Throughout one’s culinary journey at Golden Flower, each guest will discover Chef Zhang’s classic dishes of braised fish maw with superior chicken broth, sliced sea conch with Sichuan pepper oil, crisp codfish with balsamic vinegar, Sichuan noodles with chili oil and more.

For those who do not drink alcohol, tea artisans can assist to select China’s finest teas to pair with each dish. The art of making tea has been intrinsically linked with Chinese cuisine for thousands of years and Golden Flower was the first in Macau to introduce an in-house tea sommelier.

To echo the design of Golden Flower, which is themed around a flower garden, the tea artisans have created their own “Golden Flower Signature Tea” blend with fresh, floral aromas. And, in harmony with the season’s climate, guests may select from top-quality teas that are most beneficial for their health.

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