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Many city dwellers do not have patience for a long lunch during most days. While eating fast food is cheap and saves time, nutritional values might have to be compromised. In Macau, it is difficult to find high quality and delicious rice dishes that have good value for money and nutritional integrity, but one eatery goes the extra mile to prepare simple food.
Take Eat Easy is a to-go establishment that prides themselves in providing healthy lunches and dinner at a low price. Their Hainanese master chicken rice can compete with any chicken rice available at 5-star integrated resorts, only at a fraction of their price.
“Our sauces are made according to the original Hainan tradition, with garlic and chilli. The right amount of spice with a little acidy makes the entire experience of appreciating the flavours fresh and memorable,” says Chef Mickey.
Japanese miso grilled fish rice is another must-try item. The skin is crispy and aromatic while the fish remains juicy.
Made daily without any artificial enhancers, rice dishes at Take Eat Easy are just like homemade meals, but better.  Irene Sam, MDT

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