Taste of Edesia | Understated sophistication 

Many years ago, I met Chef Michele Dell’ Aquila and was particularly touched by the stories from his childhood. His eyes would light up as he talked about how he enjoyed picking fresh vegetables from the garden with his grandparents in Italy. Indeed, Michele is a man deeply passionate about selecting the best ingredients from around the world for his dishes.
Meticulously plated and refined, Michele’s creations exude a certain quiet elegance that is not normally found in Italian cuisine. Sophistication could be appreciated in every detail and for sensitive palates, Michele wows with uncompromising precision and unique cooking methods that transcend cultural boundaries.
Recently I was remarkably excited to see Michele once again at The Manor in St. Regis Macao, where he prepared a special occasion lunch experience titled “Let’s do a Luxe Lunch.”
The journey starts with a Boston lobster served with mushroom consommé, foie gras and parmesan chips. Staying true to Michele’s style, the dish pairs earthy wonders with seafood, yet the umami characteristic of the lobster balances intricately with the delicate consommé. Carefully prepared sous vide, the lobster’s texture is tender and exquisite, while the flavours of foie gras is slightly enhanced by the parmesan.
Another highlight on the menu is turbot with baked celeriac, red mullet bottarga, fennel and cilantro. Visually, the dish is like a beautiful painting, and as diners begin to appreciate it, various nuances and melanges available through the combination of ingredients on the plate showcase different tastes and textures, surprising the palate with hidden acidy, sweetness and herbal contrast.
Discerning diners who admire Michele find each of his dishes to have a world of its own, where exploration is met with sensory rewards. This level of precise, culinary execution already far exceeds what we usually consider as “fine-dining.”

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