TASTE OF EDESIA | White Diamonds

White truffles are best during autumn and winter. In Italy, during the frosty winter, truffle hunters and their trusted dogs set out to gather the most elusive and delicious of all fresh truffles, also known as the “King of Truffles.” Its intoxicating scent and luxurious flavour inspires Chef Nicholas at Wynn Macau’s Il Teatro to create a seasonal menu.
Highlights in his new truffle menu include Chilled langoustine, crustacean gelée, and Kristal caviar. The langoustine, also known as Norway lobster from the pristine marine environment
of the Faroe Islands, lives on the dark ocean floor, far below the surface. With a sweet, mild taste, the meat is firm and white. Chef Nicholas utilises the shells of langoustine for consommé making, topping with Kristal caviar, bringing out complex flavours, at the same time achieving the concept of “zero wastage” of ingredients.
For comfort in cold weather, Chestnut cream, Alba white truffle, and seared goose liver delivers comfort. Poured on the bed of goose liver from France, the smooth and creamy chestnut soup is made with produce from Ibaraki, Japan, garnished with white truffle from Alba Italy.

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