Taste of Sakura

To celebrate sakura’s time of flowering, Ohte at Four Seasons Macao is featuring a special Taste of Sakura menu. Innovative Japanese desserts and cocktails are highlights and every refined element showcases the chef’s attention to detail and passion. 

 The Sakura Tonkotsu Ramen set menu comes with a Monaka dessert and mocktail. Seasoned with a soy sauce infused with dried sakura, the ramen noodles are created through saturating koji with the flowers to give it a hint of floral aroma, which pairs perfectly with pork belly. Monaka features various textures infused with flavours of sakura, beetroots and Valrhona chocolate. The layering of gummy candy and jam consistency together with Valrhona chocolate made into mousse and ganache combines to a dynamic surprise on the palate. Other desserts on the a-la-carte menu include Sakura Sticky Cake, inspired by the English dessert. Crispy on the outside with a soft sponge core, it is flavoured with sakura and Arabic dates and served with chef’s signature Madagascan vanilla ice cream made from Hokkaido cream. Tofu Cheesecake is a classic with a twist. Adorned with a lucky cat gummy, the cheesecake is smooth as tofu and melts softly in the mouth, all created with sakura infused soybean milk and served with marinated strawberry slices.

 The restaurant also offers two types of cocktails – Sakura no Hana, and Hana Midori; and mocktails – Hanami Lemonade, and Hana no Haru. A concoction of Gin infused with cinnamon and raspberry, combining peach syrup, cherry blossom, yuzu and mandarin orange, Sakura no Hana delights with citrus characteristics and a hint of floral romanticism, while Hana no Haru pays tribute to its rich Japanese cultural roots with Geisha tea, osmanthus, cranberry juice and sour mix.

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