Taxi and cosmetics sectors ask for government help

The city’s cosmetics industry and taxi industry have both asked the government to help them.

The Macao Beauty Industry Business Association said it received complaints from over 500 cosmetics shops urging the government to approve resuming of business within the sector.

A group of representatives of this industry said that the local government has not yet allowed the sector to return back to operations. The representatives claim they have been offering food and accommodation to non-local workers and that business suspension is making their business difficult.

The representatives further claim that they provide independent services meaning that each time one worker only and that the relevant facilities are quite hygienic, meaning that cosmetics shops are able to provide sufficient measures to cope with the epidemic.

A group of representatives from the taxi drivers’ industry hopes the local government can approve taxi drivers to suspend services. The group said that some taxi drivers have voluntarily proposed to suspend operations in view of the reduction in business.

Taxi drivers hope the government can approve their application. The group also wants the local government to provide psychiatry consultation to drivers, as well as online training courses about the latest taxi regulations, during this epidemic period.


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