The Buzz | Coffee, Ikea furniture, livestock among the Macau-bound objects stuck at the Suez Canal

Livestock and lumber. Oil and automobiles. Exercise equipment and instant coffee.
Those were just some of the products that were blocked by the ship just dislodged from the Suez Canal, in a bizarre maritime drama that captivated people around the world and illustrated just how fragile global supply chains can be.
The list of Macau-bound containers was available at, an instant-made website that lists all the objects stuck in one of the most traveled maritime canals worldwide.
After nearly a week blockading more than 10% of global shipping traffic, the Ever Given has finally been freed. But the consequences could linger for weeks: Hundreds of ships have been stuck on either side of the Suez Canal, and it will take some time to clear the backlog.
The array of goods affected is mind-boggling. There were oil tankers, of course, and ships carrying liquified natural gas and biodiesel. There were ships carrying automobiles, ships carrying crops and cement, and ships carrying live animals that will eventually end up in Macau’s fine restaurants.

Note: April Fools disclaimer

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