The Sweeten Spectacular at MGM COTAI

MGM co-curated with Zhou Yi, the “Sugar King” of China to present the “Fondant Art Exhibition”, highlighting the most fragrant of the five flavors – sweetness with innovative edible art to elevate daily life’s beautiful moments.

As a renowned fondant cake master with multiple international gold awards, including the Best Award at Cake International and the International Fondant Cake Design Top Artist Award at CAKE MASTER, Zhou Yi is known as the “Sugar King” of China. Zhou is particularly skilled at carving ancient Chinese characters with fondant art that originated in the West. With a goal of letting the world see the beauty of the Orient, Zhou has stunned the world with his sophisticated masterpieces by integrating traditional culture with popular elements.

Located in the Infinite Harmony exhibition space at MGM COTAI, guests can find themselves surrounded by five beautiful fondant sculptures specifically created for MGM. They are infused with the historic Chinese dough-sculpting methods, as well as carving, painting, and tailoring craftsmanship. Each fondant sculpture is rich in cultural nuance and showcases customs that are deeply rooted in our daily lives, including the joy of the feast, the etiquette of filial piety, the happiness of marriage, and the traditional wedding rituals from “Three Books and Six Rituals”. The works adopt bold and advanced suspension technique for the first time, elevating them to life-size heights for maximum visual impact. Additionally, the exhibition will also display Zhou’s glamorous and trendy fondant art pieces of Chinese characters for a limited time.

To take the exhibition experience to a whole new level, a cross-disciplinary mini-theater guided tour experience is also available on weekends. The exhibition is available from 12pm to 8pm every day and it is entirely free! Discover the art of living and be awe in of the edible art only at MGM. For more information, please visit

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