Three people poisoned with carbon monoxide


Three people were poisoned with carbon monoxide inside a barber shop located in the Hac Sa Wan area. The accident took place on Monday. The Fire Services Bureau discovered two faulty LPG water heaters in the store corridor which were the source of the carbon monoxide. The exhaust pipe was connected to the exhaust port of the building, which caused the carbon monoxide concentration in the shop’s bathroom to reach 540 ppm. The bureau believes that the LPG water heaters were not properly installed and has requested the shop manager to stop using them. The three injured people were a 38-year-old female mainland worker, a 50-year-old female staff member and Macau resident, and a 60-year-old Macau resident who is in charge of the shop.

Neighborhood association presents opinions to Wong Sio Chak

The General Union of Neighborhood Association of Macao (UGAMM) presented approximately ten recommendations it has compiled to Secretary for Security Wong Sio Chak during a recent visit to the secretary. The association wants the security authority to implement Macau’s ten-year plan for disaster prevention. It also wants a range of other security objectives met, including a general upgrade of the city’s CCTV surveillance system to provide wider coverage across Macau, the removal of fuel and storage of hazardous items from residential communities and the deployment of police officers to local communities. Among the other opinions are calls to expedite the construction of the new prison, improve human traffic diversion measures across all Macau borders, and enhance the discipline of the territory’s security forces.

WeChat Pay HK to provide convenience for payments in Macau

In March, WeChat Pay HK will launch a program to provide more convenience to Hong Kong’s WeChat Pay HK users when they travel to Macau. According to news reports by Hong Kong media, WeChat Pay HK has already received approval to provide cross-border payments between Macau and Hong Kong. The approval means that WeChat Pay HK users will be able to use WeChat Pay to purchase goods or services in Macau without the need to exchange money. Currently, WeChat Pay HK users can already top up their e-pocket and use the money in mainland China. With the launch of this new cross border service, Macau will become the first place where Hong Kong’s WeChat Pay users can use their e-pocket besides mainland China.

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