Timeless heritage

For lovers of sophisticated Chinese cuisine,
a new concept curated by celebrity master chef Zhou Xiaoyan is the must-visit dining destination this spring. The Huaiyang Garden at The Londoner Macao provides a premier dining experience and highlights timeless culinary heritage in an elegant space. As one of the four great traditional Chinese cuisines, Huaiyang cuisine originated in Southeast China, around the Huai and Yangtze Rivers, about 3,000 years ago. It is popular for its fresh, light yet complex flavours, requiring all ingredients to be prepared with consummate knife skills and precisely cooked to ensure perfect texture and taste. 

Exceptional cuisine from the “Godfather of Huaiyang Cuisine” is complemented and enhanced by sumptuous décor and masterful service. As an ambassador for Huaiyang culinary heritage, Chef Zhou is credited with introducing innovations based around contemporary techniques and presentation to further refine this classic cuisine. The award-winning chef elevates authentic Huaiyang cuisine to a true art form, combining traditional heritage with contemporary plating and highlighting the best of Chinese gastronomic culture. Chef Zhou’s culinary philosophy is to maximise and perfect each individual ingredient, before carefully combining them with other elements in a symphony of harmony and delight. “Each ingredient is handled delicately, with precise cutting and preparation employed to ensure perfect texture and exquisite presentation. Flavour is added where necessary to elevate dishes to new levels,” he shares.

All authentic Huaiyang delicacies offer a perfect combination of taste and presentation, prepared with the best seasonal ingredients while following the rhythms of nature. Signature dishes include stewed meatballs with crab roe in superior soup, which takes two days to make; steamed Hilsa herring with 20-year-old Huadiao wine, which requires chefs to painstakingly remove over 100 fish bones; shredded bean curd with crab meat and egg white in superior soup; braised Hokkaido sea cucumber with shrimp roe; baked rice with eel and yellow chives and more.

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