TNR reaches a record number of 182,344 people

The number of non-resident workers (TNR) in the territory reached a historical high in May this year, according to the Labor Affairs Bureau (DSAL) who released official figures from the Public Security Police Force (PSP).
The figures presented from the bureau state that the total number of TNR is now 182,344 people.
This number represents a growth of 1.6 percent year-on-year and 0.5 percent when compared with the previous month (April 2016).
Mainland China continues to top the list of the countries from where these workers originate with a total of 117,858 people (64.6 percent), followed by the workers from the Philippines which now totals 25,059 people (13.7 percent) and Vietnam, which accounts for 14,524 non-­resident workers.
About 26 percent of the TNR are employed in hospitality sectors such as hotels and restaurants, followed by the construction sector, which is responsible for another 24.5 percent with domestic work coming third with only 13 percent.
On the other hand, the numbers of TNR arriving from Hong Kong and Thailand is decreasing year-on-year, declining 19.2 percent in May to 8,177 workers. RM

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