Transport authority reorganizes traffic at Fai Chi Kei

After several roadwork projects at the crossroads between Rua Norte do Patane and Rua do Comandante João Belo in Fai Chi Kei area, the Transport Bureau (DSAT) will enforce traffic changes in the area, the bureau informed in a statement.

According to the statement, from today, traffic coming from the Rua do Comandante João Belo will be forced to turn left and will be forbidden from circulating in the direction of the Canidrome.

After the roadwork is completed, bus routes 26A, 32, N1A, N1B, and N4 will return to their original itineraries.

The DSAT noted that among the works performed, there was work on the relocation of zebra crossings and the construction of separators between lanes of traffic. The works forced 10 parking spots to be removed, as they aimed to widen the lanes in the area to allow heavy-duty vehicles, such as trucks and buses, to come through.

The bureau said that the traffic changes and works were done following constant complaints from residents who reside and work in that area about traffic problems, as well as to increase the safety of pedestrians and drivers after a period of data collection.

The DSAT also adds that, although 10 parking spots were removed due to traffic changes, the public can make use of the parking lots in the area, such as in the Fai Tat and Fai Ieng buildings and on the Rua da Bacia Sul.

The bureau also said that it will continue to pay attention to road traffic conditions in the region and perform timely changes when necessary, encouraging residents to continue expressing their feedback on situations that they consider to be problematic. RM

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