Transport Bureau discusses safety with bus companies

Following an accident on a Iao Hon zebra crossing last week, the Transport Bureau (DSAT) has met with the two bus companies to ensure drivers practice safe driving.
The meeting comes after a public bus operated by concessionaire TCM hit two school children last week.
The bus company has currently suspended the driver.
According to information released by the DSAT, at the meeting, the bureau revealed five requirements to the two companies, namely the establishment of mid to long-term improvement schemes so as to effectively prevent car accidents, as well as in-depth investigation for each accident and incident so as to analyze and review the cause.
As for drivers, the regulator orders the bus operators to “handle with rigor” drivers who violate road safety, to offer education and hands-
on trainings to the whole team of drivers. It made particular reference to a mentorship-resembling manner of training, in which experienced drivers help with training and with clearing operational safety matters.
Facilities should be added to assist drivers to clarify their external environment, so that they can drive more safely. Moreover, extra employees should be sent to traffic black spots for supervision.
The DSAT has also disclosed that the two bus companies have arranged trainings for the entire team of drivers. The bureau will, in association with the two companies and industry groups, co-host courses in the hopes of improving the quality of public bus drivers. It is hoped that the courses will help make changes to attitudes, sense of safety and service quality of bus drivers.
As the accident happened at a zebra crossing, the DSAT has also promised to improve road-crossing facilities. It revealed that as of May this year since 2019, 40 zebra crossings have been improved.
The DSAT added that between June 8 and July 18, the bureau will reform three zebra crossings in Iao Hon District. It stressed that during the renovation, certain parking spaces will be suspended to make way for the construction work. AL

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