true-story-taste-of-edesiaBack in the days when I was living in Shanghai, freshly graduated from college, my favorite place to eat after work was the Din Tai Fung located at Xintiandi. Even though my salary at that time was pathetic, I still spent hundreds of renminbi on each meal at Din Tai Fung. Even back then, poor as I was, I knew that their superb quality was well worth the price. At the age of 22, I was struggling to pay my rent, hopelessly addicted to Din Tai Fung’s xiaolongbao.
Years later, in 2014, locals living in Macau and tourists alike are all extremely excited that Din Tai Fung is now opened at the new, vibrant dining and entertainment district of SOHO in City of Dreams. Without flying to Taipei, Shanghai, or any other cities, we can now savor the authentic xiaolongbao that is made famous by Din Tai Fung around the globe.
Many of us know that xiaolongbao is a kind of steamed dumpling originated from the Jiangnan region of China, traditionally served in bamboo basket, but what exactly makes Din Tai Fung’s xiaolongbao better than the cheap version available elsewhere in the streets of Macau and Shanghai? First of all, the team at every Din Tai Fung around the world is dedicated to preparing dishes with an awe-inspiring consistency. Prior to serving a basket of xiaolongbao to each guest, measures are taken in the kitchen to ensure that the size of each dumpling is almost exactly the same as the others. When wrapping the dough around the pork in the middle, chefs are trained to make exactly 18 folds on top. Every team member strives for nothing less than perfection.
The dough of the xiaolongbao is prepared by a team of chefs to be so thin that we can see through it and determine what is enveloped inside. As the basket of the xiaolongbao arrives on the dining table, steam fills the surrounding air, radiating humidity and heat, signaling the fact that our taste buds are indeed in for a sumptuous treat.
Using chopsticks, we pick one dumpling up carefully to ensure that we do not poke a hole through the dough. Then, let the thrill begin. To start, we delicately bite on the dough as if kissing a lover, so that the soup inside the dumpling does not splash onto the bowl. Always treat the dumpling with tenderness and respect, and it will reward you with marvelous sensations.
After the first bite, it is time to appreciate the aroma of the steam that is coming out from the center. Slowly and softly work on your every bite, making sure that the soup, the delicious essence of the dumpling, remains inside the dough. It might sound difficult, but that’s the fun part. Once you get the hang of it, you will be enjoying the experience of eating xiaolongbao as much as I do. The only sad part is that there isn’t a rehabilitation clinic for dumpling addicts anywhere in the world.

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