TSI rules against extradited suspect

The Court of Second Instance (TSI) has ruled against a defendant who tried to appeal the decision of the local courts regarding crimes committed by him while serving time for another crime at the Coloane Prison.
The case goes back to 1998, when the defendant was serving time in the Coloane Prison and was involved in a series of attacks towards other inmates, causing the deaths of three of them and leaving one severely injured.

After serving the sentence, and while waiting for the trial, the defendant took advantage of the lack of enforcement of coercive measures imposed by the judiciary authorities to flee to the Mainland, where he was only found last February, almost 21 years later. He has now been delivered to the Macau authorities by the Mainland judiciary counterparts.

Extradited to the region to face murder charges, the defendant appealed from the decision of the courts that had sentenced him in absentia to imprisonment of 10 years and six months in accumulation, for two counts of murder and one serious offense to physical integrity.

The defendant had appealed from such a decision to the TSI based on allegations that there were mistakes in the accusation and that the sentence imposed was too severe and unreasonable.

The TSI has upheld the previous decision from the lower courts, noting that the severity of the crimes committed as well as their consequences fully justify the accusations made and that the penal framework applied is perfectly reasonable and proportionate.

The TSI noted that the sentence passed, as a cumulative punishment for the three crimes, amounted to only about 50% of the prison time imposed in the court ruling for each count individually, denying the appeal. RM

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