Tutor charged with illicit appropriation

The Public Security Police Force (PSP) has charged a tutor with illicit appropriation.
The tutor and her husband, aged in her 40s and 55 respectively, were accused of illicit appropriation.
On August 3, in the afternoon, a man lost his Macau Pass e-voucher with 5,000 patacas in credit remaining.
Later he discovered that there was only 4,126 patacas left on his card after it had been used to make 12 purchases.
The purchases were reportedly made a woman who spotted the Macau Pass when passing by a recreational leisure park.
On August 10, police officers found the woman who allegedly took the card. They managed to track her down using CCTV footage, which pointed to Avenida Marginal do Lam Mau as a likely location to apprehend her.
The woman told the police authority that, after she came into possession of the card, she had consulted with her husband about what to do and both had decided to keep the card.
She and her husband have been charged with illicit appropriation.
As of Wednesday, the husband was still in mainland China, while the wife was forwarded to the prosecution authority. JZ

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