Two burglaries: one suspect busted, another loose

Two residential units in Toi San District were burgled on January 3 and 4, incurring a loss of 150,000 patacas worth of jewelry and cash. Information disclosed by the Judiciary Police revealed that the two groups of residents living in the units had securely locked their doors before they left home on the days of the robberies.

The units are located in a modern residential building which has guard posts at the lobby. A gate was also installed for security purposes. Scratches were found on the wooden door of one unit, a sign of the burglar breaking in.

The investigation indicated that the two suspects had followed other residents through the main entrance and had broken into the unfortunate residences.

The pair then immediately left Macau for the mainland. One was caught when reentering Macau last week while the other is still on the loose.

Normally, theft and burglary cases become more frequent before Chinese New Year. The tradition of Lai See (red packets) offering means people keep larger amounts of cash than normal at their homes. AL

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