Two group infections of non-Covid diseases reported


One group case of influenza-like disease and one group case of gastroenteritis infections have been recorded recently in two separate schools, the Health Bureau (SSM) has announced.
Both notifications were received on Monday, the SSM noted.
The gastroenteritis infections occurred in the Watermelon Class at the Helen Liang Diocesan Nursery. In this case, a total of seven infants, six boys and a girl, and all aged one, were infected.
The first child was reported as ill after vomiting during class on the afternoon of January 22. The other children fell ill in succession over the next two days, developing symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhea. Two of the seven required hospitalization due to the severity of their symptoms.
Judging from clinical factors, the SSM sees it as likely that this was a viral infection.
The health authority explained that viral gastroenteritis, specifically those caused by norovirus and rotavirus, are more frequently found during the cooler and dryer half of the year. The disease is also highly contagious.
The SSM also explained that the disease’s incubation period is between one and two days. The duration of the illness usually ranges from one to five days. The infection can only be confirmed by laboratory tests and complications are rare.
Meanwhile, the flu-like infection occurred in Class K1C at Pooi To Middle School in Praia Grande. Eight students, aged from three to four, were infected. They began showing symptoms such as fever, runny nose and coughing on January 18. None of the students have been hospitalized due to the disease.
Some of the ill students, according to the SSM, had been vaccinated during this flu season.
The SSM is conducting an investigation into both cases and has provided instructions to both venues in relation to sanitization. AL

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