Two in five pass civil servants’ assessment

Approximately 40 percent of this year’s civil servants’ bachelor-level examination attendees passed the exams. The government announced the assessment results yesterday. This is the first bachelor’s level capacity assessment after the government launched the exams. In total, 9,225 people attended the assessment, corresponding to an attendance rate of over 70 percent. The test scores are either qualified or disqualified and the results are valid for three years. Qualified candidates can apply for roles as senior technicians, veterinarians, meteorological senior technicians, translators and copywriting professionals. 

Illegal racing suspected in Hac Sa accident

The Public Security Police Force (PSP) suspects that the victim of a motorbike and car accident that took place at Estrada de Hac Sa could have been illegally racing with two other motorbikes. A PSP-led investigation found that the car failed to let the motorbike pass first and that the motorbike was speeding at 150 kilometers per hour when the accident occurred. At the same time, another two motorbikes were also speeding on the same section of road.

DSSOPT recovers Pearl Horizon land plot

The Land, Public Works and Transport Bureau (DSSOPT) has recovered a piece of land located at a landfill area in Areia Preta, according to a statement issued by DSSOPT. The land plot, home to the Pearl Horizon project, occupies an area of 68,000 square meters. The land concession expired in January 2016 and a few months later the DSSOPT requested that the relevant party move out from the site. However, the previous concessioner did not leave the premises by the deadline. As such, the Macau SAR government is in the process of conducting a recovery procedure.

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