Two recover from Covid-19, five others with good prognosis

The Novel Coronavirus Response and Coordination Center informed yesterday that another two patients that were being treated for the coronavirus (Covid-19) in Macau have been discharged from hospital, raising the number of recovered people to five.

The information was disclosed by the Conde de São Januário Hospital Center’s (CHCSJ) Dr Lo Iek Long during yesterday’s press conference, held at the Health Bureau (SSM) facilities.

To the media, Lo revealed that the two patients discharged yesterday are a mother and her daughter, respectively the fourth and sixth confirmed case of the virus in Macau.

The two patients arrived in Macau from Wuhan on January 21 and started to show symptoms on January 25. They were admitted to the public hospital on January 26.

After receiving treatment, they were in sufficient health to be finally discharged, Lo said. Lo additionally noted that the mother required more attention from medical staff, as the daughter, although testing positive for the virus, never developed symptoms. “After two weeks of isolation and treatment, we tested her twice through a nasopharyngeal test that came out negative, so we allow her to also be discharged too,” Lo explained.

The two women, like the first case discharged from hospital, requested to be exempt from paying the medical expenses that totalled MOP65,700;  MOP43,400 for the mother and MOP22,300 for her daughter.

For the time being, Lo explained, “They also did not have that sum on them, and we also require some documents to evaluate their request of payment exemption […] They will send us the documents so we can analyze their case within a period of 30 days.”

Questioned on the topic, Lo clarified that there are several options and decisions regarding the payment of medical expenses beyond simply a full exemption or full payment: “We can also decide for partial payment or full payment done in instalments if needed.” Lo noted that for now, the payment of those patients requesting exemption has been only delayed.

Assessing the current status of the patients in the Coloane Isolation facility, Lo said, “We still have six people in isolation and their health condition is very good and without any symptoms.”

The doctor noted that in the last 24 hours, the emergency services of the CHCSJ received three suspicious cases and discharged another seven after confirmation that they were not infected with the disease. Three other cases are waiting for results. The official added that there are currently other seven people being tested at the Kiang Wu Hospital.

In total, the SSM said that as of February 15, it has analyzed a total of 1,345 suspected cases of the disease, from which 1,325 have been already been excluded. Also, out of the 55 cases of people screened due to being in close contact with those infected, 49 have already been discharged.

Although the health authorities promised not to lower their guard, yesterday was the twelfth consecutive day without any new cases confirmed in Macau.

“Although we have decided to reopen some services to the public, as they are very urgent and needed by the society, we are not returning to normal yet and people should not consider that the battle against the virus has ended,” said Lo in response to a question from the media yesterday. “We are still far from that stage.”

Renato Marques

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