Two street protests expected for May 1

As of yesterday evening, the Public Security Police Force (PSP) had received just three requests for street demonstrations to be held tomorrow on International Workers’ Day, but one request had already been withdrawn by one of the organizers.

Accordingly, just two groups are expected to march across the city tomorrow, with one of them with gathering initially at Triangle Garden and the other at Shop H of the Villa del Mer Building in the Hac Sa Wan area.

The first group will start its street marching at 2 p.m. on May 1 and the second half an hour later, both in direction to the Nam Van Leisure area where both protests are planned to end.
One of the groups will stop halfway, at the headquarters of the Central People’s Government Liaison Office in Macau where they will deliver a letter before continuing to the Nam Vam area.

Both groups are expected to deliver letters at the government’s headquarters.

The PSP issued a warning to the organizer groups calling on the protestors to strictly follow the rules and conduct the protest “orderly and peacefully,” minimizing the disturbance to other users of the public streets.

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