Up to half of working population on reduced paid leave

A survey with 936 valid responses shows that half of its respondents are on unpaid leave, semi-paid leave, underemployed, or have had their pay cut.
The survey conducted by the General Union of Neighborhood Associations of Macau (UGAMM) also shows that nearly 90% of respondents felt worried about the future of their work or lives.
Unpaid or semi-paid leave has become normal under the impact of Covid-19. The survey revealed that one out of five respondents was on one of the abovementioned leave conditions, while more than one-third of respondents were either underemployed or required to accept a pay cut.
Considering the complications created by the pandemic, two out of three respondents were worried about their work or lives, while more than a quarter of respondents felt extremely worried. However, only 15% were worried they would actually lose their jobs.
The survey organizer, however, did not disclose in which industries the respective worried and unconcerned respondents worked.
Respondents expressed the hope that the government would implement stricter control on non-resident worker applications and shrink the quotas for such applications. The scope of the subsidized training program should also be expanded.
Finally, the survey organizer recommends that the government promptly institutionalize the city’s overall economic strategies and contingencies, so as to diversify the economy and provide confidence to residents. AL

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