Urban renewal | Sonia Chan: Rosário kept in the loop

Speaking on the sidelines of a public event, Secretary for Administration and Justice, Sonia Chan, said that her team and Raimundo do Rosário’s team had been in constant communication on the public consultation for the urban renewal law.

The comment was made in defense after Chan was accused of bypassing her colleague in the commencement of the public consultation. Rosário is both the Secretary for Transport and Public Works and the President of the Urban Renewal Commission, responsible for such policies.

On October 11, Chan suddenly announced the commencement of the consultation period.

When asked about the consultation, Rosário replied that he was unfamiliar with the public consultation texts, but added he was aware of the overlapping between parts of the texts and the research and advisory services outsourced by his commission.

Chan said that the consultation texts had taken into account the results obtained by the Urban Renewal Commission’s research and discussion. She thought it was the right time to start the consultation.

The public consultation will last for 60 days, ending on December 9.

Some commentators have suggested that the current text is not reflective of the vision of the incoming Chief Executive, Ho Iat Seng, according to Chinese media.

Other comments include the venues chosen for public hearing sessions, held by the government to directly communicate with the general public. These sessions were planned to be held in newer districts, and prompted worries that the government will not be able to hear from residents in older districts. Secretary Chan said she is open to holding extra sessions if necessary. AL

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