Victims of taxi accident ‘severely injured’

Two of the three pedestrians hit by a taxi that allegedly did not give way at a pedestrian crossing were reported as severely injured and are still under observation at Conde de São Januário Hospital Center.

The accident, which occurred on Monday night outside Harbourview Hotel, opposite Sands Macao, involved three female visitors, the youngest of whom was a two-year-old toddler.

The other 50-year-old victim was the grandmother of the toddler and suffered a cerebral haemorrhage, while the 29-year-old mother of the toddler had cuts on her legs, as cited in a report issued by TDM.

The toddler suffered injuries on her forehead, the back of her head and her waist.

According to the Public Security Police, the taxi driver, who was in his 30s, passed a breathalyser test.

The local driver was detained for allegedly committing reckless driving and three counts of causing bodily harm. Authorities will transfer the suspect to the Public Prosecutions Office while the PSP calls on witnesses to provide information regarding the case.

In a separate incident, PSP informed that a taxi had collided with a motorcycle yesterday in front of Grand Hyatt Macau.

The motorcycle driver was injured and was sent to the hospital.

Earlier this year, a local woman riding a scooter died after crashing into a taxi on Friendship Bridge.

Last year, official data shows that traffic accidents decreased by 6.5% to 13,764, resulting in 4,390 casualties including 10 fatalities. LV

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