Vietnamese migrants celebrate Spring Festival

Vietnamese migrant workers in Macau held an early celebration for the upcoming the Tet Festival last Sunday – the country’s most important annual festival heralding the arrival of spring.

Held on the same date as the Chinese Lunar New Year, the Tet Festival will be celebrated on January 25 this year.

Last Sunday’s celebrations were organized by the Association for Mutual Support of Vietnamese Fellow-Countrymen in Macau. The celebrations featured art performances lauding Vietnam and its people, while also offering traditional dishes on Tet such as spring rolls and “chung” cakes prepared by association members.

Speaking at the event, Le Thanh Hung, a representative from the Vietnamese Consulate General in Hong Kong and Macau, called on the migrant workers to comply with the SAR’s regulations and laws while promoting patriotism and their traditions in the city.

The official also expressed his appreciation for their active operation, including the launch of charity activities to support vulnerable families within the community and disadvantaged people back home.

In 2019, the association raised nearly 260,000 patacas to support underprivileged families in Vietnam.

Meanwhile, speaking about the association’s role in assisting migrant workers, chairman of the association Tran Thi Thu said that in 2019, the association assisted several Vietnamese women to resolve administrative issues to facilitate their work in Macau.

At the end of 2018, local government data showed that were 15,100 non-resident workers of Vietnamese nationality in Macau. LV

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