Villages told to end food supply interruption

A series of barricades set up by Guangdong citizens to stop the free movement of people and goods within the province have forced the Guangdong government to issue an urgent notification banning any obstacles to the free movement of vegetable supplies to Macau and Hong Kong.
Last week, the Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Guangdong Province issued an urgent notification to safeguard the normal production and supply of agricultural resources and products from the “vegetable basket”. This seeks to ensure an uninterrupted supply of vegetables to Macau, Guangdong, and Hong Kong.
The notice, which was jointly issued by the Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Guangdong Province, the transportation authority, and the police authority of Guangdong province, said that setting up checkpoints to block roads and traffic without the approval of the local or central government is prohibited.
Since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus (Covid-19), mainland citizens have come up with a myriad of ways to block outsiders from entering a village or a community, all designed to prevent the virus from infiltrating the community.
The situation worsened in many provinces as the relevant government authority issued work instructions to isolate villages, residential buildings and communities. Such policies were issued in Guangdong province on February 7.
Blocking villages, streets, residential buildings and communities has caused chaos to transportation, also creating difficulties in the supply of ordinary daily products.
The urgent notification issued by the three Guangdong authorities also reminded the public that it is prohibited to intercept or slaughter live poultry, and to intercept aquatic seeds and other agricultural products.
This call serves to ensure that important agricultural products will not be held inside a village and prevented from reaching the cities.

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