Taste of Edesia

Violet Hour at The St. Regis

Celebrating the art of drinking and paying homage to the legacy of the original House of Astor, The St. Regis New York, The St. Regis Macao features a selection of 40 cocktail recipes inspired by five New York neighborhoods, merging the stylish charm of Manhattan with unique local infusions to create exquisite original creations, as well as the “Violet Hour”, a dedicated ritual to celebrate the end of the day and the beginning of the evening, when the sky is purple and talented bartenders can be found throwing martinis. In the luxurious setting of The St. Regis Bar while jazz tunes play softly in the background, the Violet Hour Martini is made on the spot and each guest at the bar is invited for a taster to whet their appetites for more. In addition to the Violet Hour Martini are the Churchill and Vesper Martinis, each a unique representation and symbol of refinement.

The “Violet Hour” ritual was inspired by “The Hour: A Cocktail Manifesto” by American author Bernard DeVoto, which highlights the transition from day to evening, welcoming the endless possibilities of the night. St. Regis seeks to transcend the ordinary of every day; and the “Violet Hour” ushers in the sights of a theatric cocktail throwing ritual by talented bartenders. Both delicately thrown, the signature Violet Hour Martini elevates gin, aromatized wine, orange and violette liqueurs and orange bitters into a delicious work of drinkable art; while the Churchill Martini, a reflection of the man himself, promotes spirit purity and showcases the complex aromas and characteristics of today’s premium gins. Made famous by James Bond, the Vesper Martini is “shaken, not stirred”, and is a slightly sweet but botanical concoction to satisfy both gin and vodka drinkers. All three “Violet Hour” martinis are served in bespoke glassware specially designed for St. Regis based on the early sketch from Bernard DeVoto’s work.

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