Virus test booking system disrupted after Zhuhai border announcement

The booking system for the Macau Covid-19 nucleic acid test was down on Monday night, coincidentally right after the Zhuhai authorities announced the lifting of quarantine measures for arrivals from Macau.
The Novel Coronavirus Response and Coordination Center has so far not provided any explanation as to whether it was caused by a sudden influx of applications or a system failure.
The Covid-19 nucleic acid test has been a crucial step for Macau residents to obtain a quarantine waiver status in order to travel to Zhuhai.
Despite the lifting of quarantine measures for Macau residents from today, a negative Covid-19 nucleic test result is still required for people who want to cross the border.
Meanwhile, the Coronavirus Center announced during a special press conference yesterday that a new venue, very likely the Macau Forum, following preliminary evaluation, will be added as a site to conduct the nucleic acid test. This is in view of the fact that the number of people requiring the test will rise after quarantine measures have been lifted from both sides of the border.
On Monday night, the government issued an order stipulating that from today, all people wanting to enter a casino will be required to present a negative Covid-19 nucleic acid test result along with their Green Macau Health Code.
With the order coming in at the last moment, it was not initially clear whether casino staff were required to undergo the test. Yesterday, the Gaming Coordination and Inspection Bureau (DICJ) stated that the order includes casino workers. It is in discussion with the Health Bureau to arrange exclusive tests for the group.
The DICJ will prioritize tests for casino croupiers and security guards. Staff will only need to take one test and the validity of the test will be indefinite. AL

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