Volleyball World Grand Prix takes place between Aug 15 and 17

2 嘉賓進行賽事啟動儀式Four teams will be coming to Macau to fight for the opportunity to compete in the Volleyball World Grand Prix grand finale in Tokyo, Japan. The teams are coming from China, Japan, Korea and Serbia. The Macau round of the female volleyball tournament will take place between August 15 and 17 in the Macau Forum.
A sponsorship agreement with Galaxy Entertainment Group was signed yesterday, which was witnessed by the Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture.
The Sport Development Board (ID) acting Director, Pun Weng Kun, believes that this year’s matches will be quite competitive because they are featuring four strong teams from Asia and Europe.
“This year’s matches are special because the three strong Asian teams are all here with an additional strong team – Serbia. I think it will bring Macau residents a feeling of freshness,” Pun Weng Kun stated.
He continued to suggest that, during the three game days, the ID will arrange for the professional players to exchange their experiences with local volleyball players.
The acting director also promised that the ID will find more venues for athletes to use in the future. The first match on August 15 will see Japan competing against Serbia. In order to motivate spectators in more proactively participating in the matches, there will again be an election for the most favorite player (MFP). During the previous five years, the MFP award was given to players from the Chinese team. Tickets for the tournament will be available from today. JPL

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