Water tested at Cheoc Van found to be abnormal

The Marine and Water Bureau (DSAMA) has suggested that the public should not enter the water at Cheoc Van Beach because the quality of the water has been found to be abnormal, according to a statement released yesterday by the marine authority.

The DSAMA was informed by the Laboratory of the Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) that water samples collected from Cheoc Van Beach tested positive for Vibrio cholera.

The DSAMA has reported the case to the Disease Prevention and Control Centre at the Health Bureau and has hoisted a red flag at the beach, advising residents not to enter the water.

Notices have also been put up at the beach to remind the public about the situation. No abnormalities have been detected at Hac Sa Beach.

The relevant departments will continue to monitor the situation and provide the public with the latest information in a timely manner.

The water quality at Cheoc Van beach was classified as “very poor” in July and October 2018. The water quality at Hac Sa Beach was also classified as “very poor” in November and December 2018.

In August 2018, water samples collected from Hac Sa Beach tested positive for Vibrio cholera.

In accordance with geometric mean of the E. coli count, calculated on the basis of all the data collected during the bathing season, with reference to the Annual Ranking System of Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department, beach water quality in Macau was classified “poor” for the year of 2018.  JZ

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