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In the 21st century, discerning skin care consumers are now moving away from purchasing items made mostly of chemicals.
Emotional benefits gained while using skin care products are taken into consideration when one is choosing an item. A pioneer in combining skin benefits with elegant aesthetics and innovative technologies, Ayuna has came up with Terra Bella, a cannabic sublimating cream that encourages skin’s regeneration mechanisms.
Biotechnological cocktail of terpenes and micro-lipids from cannabis sativa stems cells acts on the microbiota-skin-brain axis, which becomes an instant mood lifter stimulating positive emotions. Ayuna believes that the skin is able to synthesise a plethora of neurochemicals. Connecting directly with the brain pleasures areas, these molecules produced by the skin can modify human’s state of mind and how we are perceived externally. A key molecule in this axis is oxytocin, which is known to activate the social brain and influences interpersonal attraction.
The vessel that contains the precious cream is a handmade work of art. Made out of clay, the texture of the container evokes a feeling of touching the earth and connecting with nature. The cream itself is rich, yet not oily. Upon application, absorption is immediate and the skin becomes softer instantly. After a week of usage, blemishes are reduced and calmed. A porcelain-like sheen envelopes the top layer of the skin, creating an exquisite, flawless complexion.

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