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To keep skin hydrated and soothed during winter, there are numerous types of moisturiser one could purchase. However, for the discerning few who are searching for natural or organic ingredients that give immediate results on hydration level and luminosity, the quest for the perfect face cream could end in vain if one does not know where to look.
Sourcing ingredients such as goji berry and sea buckthorn straight from the Tibetan plateau, Akar is a unique skin care brand. The healing properties of the two fruits have long been known to man, recorded in ancient Tibetan medical texts from the 8th century. The efficacy of calming sensitivity, nourishing the dermis and softening the complexion is evident after the use of Akar’s rosewater-based Soothe Moisturiser on the skin. After one application in the morning, the skin is hydrated and comforted throughout the day, with no signs of oiliness.
Packed with high molecular weight hyaluronic acid, vitamins C and B3, the light face cream enhances natural collagen synthesis, which could cause visibility of fine lines, enlarged pores, and uneven skin tone to eradicate. To strengthen cells, lotus flower extract and fatty acids from passionfruit seed help with the skin’s absorption of nutrients, while oat and geranium protect it from photo-aging. Staff reporter

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